Bamboo & ChiaoGoo Facts


Bamboo Facts

1. Bamboo is a grass!  There are more than 1,000 different species of bamboo in the world.  More than half of them grow in China.


2. Moso bamboo is the largest and strongest bamboo.  It is mostly grown in China (6.7 million acres), but can also be found in Japan (1.2 million acres).  ChiaoGoo needles and hooks are made from Chinese Moso bamboo.


3. Bamboo grows very fast!  A new bamboo stem grows to a full length of about 75 feet in only a few months and matures to hardness in about 5 years.  Believe it or not, in the spring you can actually hear the bamboo growing!  It sounds like an army marching through the forest!


4. One mother bamboo plant can create several new stems each year.  A single acre of bamboo forest can be harvested year after year not only for matuure bamboo, but also for new bamboo shoots which have a long history of use in the traditional Chinese kitchen.  It is truly a fast, renewable resource!


5. By the way, Moso bamboo is much too big for pandas to eat.  They prefer the much small bamboo species!


ChiaoGoo Needle Facts

1. Using ChiaoGoo bamboo is environmentally friendly as bamboo is a quickly renewable resource.


2. Bamboo needles are approximately 60% lighter than aluminum needles of the same size, making it more comfortable for you, the knitter/crocheter.


3. Bamboo needles are very strong.  Fibers under the bamboo's skin are extremely elastic and have tensile strength comparable to steel!


4. Knitters can benefit from the warmth and natural feel of the needles.