ChiaoGoo US#10 (6.00mm) RED Lace 16" Circular - #7016-10 Price: $11.00


ChiaoGoo RED Lace US#10 (6.00mm) 16" Circular Knitting Needles #7016-10

ChiaoGoo RED lace needles are made of light weight stainless steel with a flexible multi-strand nylon coated cable. They have wonderful pointed tips (without being painfully “sharp”) and perfect joins. They are a real joy to work with on any project! The flexible, multi-strand, steel cable is coated with a nylon allowing for your yarn to slide right over. Needle size is laser imprinted on each RED Lace circular. The tips and joins are just spectacular! In China, the color red signifies happiness. Size US#10 (6.00mm) Circular Needles 16" in length